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Standard Features & Benefits

All of our products incorporate the following features as standard items where applicable on all of our inflated games. It is important to us that our customers feel confident that the products they purchase will withstand the stresses of daily use by building these features in at no additional charge. Our games are built to last for years of use.

About Our Seams

Our Design and Engineering department takes the fabrication of our seams very seriously. Depending on the product you select, we utilize a combination of up to 7 main types of seams in the production of our products. Following are our seam descriptions to better help you understand just how serious we are about building the best quality inflatables found anywhere in the world.

W-PAT Seams

Our Water-Proof, Air Tight (W-PAT) Seams are revolutionary to the inflatable industry. These seams are the ultimate in strength and are impervious to both water and/or air leakage. Even better, the use of these seams greatly improves the air pressure of any game they are used on.

Heavy Duty With Glue Strips & Spots

This is our strongest seam. Typically it is found on water games primarily to reduce the amount of water that will penetrate into a game. This seam is also found on entry and exits to our slides. By gluing a strip to both panels, the amount of stress put on the threads of a sewn seam is greatly reduced. The strip will pull on the panel in a shear direction and add a tremendous amount of strength to the overall connection. This seam is also found on many of our Gator Mouth™ connections. Some FEC applications will utilize glue spots per the customers request, or as the needs dictate

Gator Mouth™ Seams

This seam is a very strong seam that is found on the entrances and exits of our slides, and most places that a middle wall is placed on a game. The Gator Mouth™ moves the seam back up to 8″ from where the normal point of impact would be. All Gator Mouth™ seams use a Heavy Duty seam method, and some also incorporate our Glue Strips method.

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