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Leisure Activities Friends and Customers,

Leisure Activities has been one of the leaders in the inflatable industry for the past 30 years. Our company originally started in Orlando, FL back in 1993 and operated under the name HEC Plastics & The Inflatable Store. After 10 years of success in America, in 2003 we moved our manufacturing facilities to China. Shortly thereafter, in 2006 we purchased the Canadian brand “Leisure Activities LTD”. A few years after purchasing the name, in early 2010 we renamed the company “Leisure Activities”. Since then, Leisure Activities has built a well-known and highly regarded reputation with integrity for nearly 30 years in the industry.  As a global inflatable manufacturer and supplier, we have sales offices in China, as well as a sales office and warehouse in Saint Petersburg Florida (Leisure Activities USA).  Our Florida location services all of the United States and Canadian markets, whereas our China sales office services Europe, Asia, South America and other locations around the globe.  Leisure is one of the only manufacturers that truly makes 100% of all the inflatables that we market and sell.

Our focus in the years ahead will be to continue creating and building the best quality, affordable inflatable products in the industry. We will continue to create, develop and innovate new products that will bring less hassle to your business operations, while also delivering more enjoyment for your customers leading to more profit to your bottom line.

If you are looking for an inflatable factory in China that has a great reputation and integrity, then Leisure Activities is your perfect choice. We have been supplying inflatable games to the world for nearly 30 years.   Our team is highly skilled from concept to completion. As a large factory, we have the ability to fulfill your order – whether it is just one unit or hundreds of units, we can handle it all. We pride ourselves of keeping to the quoted budget, delivering units on time and hassle free. If you are ever in Qingdao, China and would like to visit our factory to see it for yourself, you are welcome to visit us at any time and we will give you a full tour of our factory and manufacturing process.

We hope that you will allow us to continue to supply you with our high quality products in the years ahead. Thank you for all your business and your support over the past 30 years.

We look forward to working with you well into the future as you continue to grow and expand your business.

Leisure Activities team

The Clear Choice

We understand that your business has to be earned and we are committed to provide you with outstanding customer service and creative products built with quality materials that you can rely on.


We are committed to manufacturing and producing “GAMES BUILT TO LAST!”


We are dedicated to designing games that are unique, exciting, and fun!


You can count on us to deliver your games on time and on budget!

Leisure Activities Products Are Protected as Follows

  • U.S. Patent 6,875,119 | U.S. Patent 5,772,535
  • U.S. Patent 5,603,185 | U.S. Patent 5,471,797
  • Canadian Patent 2,425,239
  • Canadian Patent 2,158,312
  • Canadian Patent 2,120,387
  • U.S Trademark: 4520690
  • U.S Trademark: The Big Kahuna ™ 4908541
  • U.S Trademark: Jurassic Adventure™4996347
  • U.S Trademark: Xtreme Fun Run ™ 86738748
  • U.S Trademark: Radical Run ™ 5298244
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