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If you can envision it, we can likely make it. Many people come to us with new innovative and exciting ideas for inflatables, and many of the ideas are very good! As a rule, Leisure Activities will NOT directly knock off any design of a current manufacturer. We respect the time and effort involved in product design, engineering and manufacturing we will not copy other manufacturers proprietary products. However, if you have something that you have thought about, drawn out and would like to see created as an inflatable product – we are your company to work with. We have worked with numerous business owners in coming up with fun, unique product designs and ideas, and created that product for them. Some customers create the products exclusively for their own company to market and use, while other customers create new products that they allow other companies to purchase and enjoy as well. It is up to you. We will honor exclusive designs and never offer the product for sale to others, or if you allow us to do so we may offer it to other companies as part of our product line. Whatever your intent, we look forward to hearing your ideas and look forward to making them a reality. We are just a call away from getting it started.

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